You Are What You Think

I’m a huge fan of Deepak Chopra, a world-renowned mind-body healing pioneer. I admire his spiritual wisdom and quest to make the world a more peaceful place. So, when he speaks I tend to listen. Well, last weekend I watched a classic Oprah show that he was featured on, and I heard him say something that really made me go “hmmm…”

He said “We are the only people who can change our brain and body chemistry by our thoughts.” Think about that for a second- what you think can change your body chemistry. I know that’s not necessarily a new concept for some people. We hear it said in different ways all the time. The book “The Secret” basically encouraged people to use their words to change their life through positive affirmations. Of course my favorite source for this spiritual concept is the Bible. There are tons of scriptures that affirm the power of using words and your thoughts to change your situation.

Still, when I heard Dr. Chopra talk about the powerful connection between our mind and our body I was amazed by what that meant. My mind and my thoughts can actually change my body chemistry. So what is body chemistry? It basically describes all the processes within the human body – from cell production to your heart beat.

On some level, we’ve all experienced the physical effect major emotions like sadness, anger, or even happiness can have on our body chemistry. For example, a person’s demeanor completely changes when they’re sad, and even when someone is happy they are described as having “pep in their step.” So, we’ve all observed this phenomenon in those simple ways. To go a step further, research indicates that people with depression are at higher risk for autoimmune diseases (like multiple sclerosis and lupus) and even heart disease. People with anger issues are at higher risk for inflammatory diseases like cancer.

So, Dr. Chopra’s comments made me really consider what I’ve been thinking. Honestly, I’ve been so distracted over the past week that I probably did more damage to my body than good. The mind is such a powerful thing and it makes me have even more appreciation for this wonderful, awesome, strong body God has given me. No matter what I think of it, and sometimes I think more negatively than I ought, my body is pure PERFECTION. God created it for a purpose and with great purpose.

With this new revelation I have spent the last few days being mindful of my thoughts and being quicker to redirect my thoughts when I start going down a negative path. I hadn’t realized how much “wrong” thinking I’m doing until I started paying more attention to it and consciously shifting my thoughts.

My question to you is: what have you been thinking about? More importantly, how can you redirect your mind to change your life, especially your health?

Until next time…

Peace, Love & Fitness!

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