Untie His Hands…

It’s amazing how God uses every day experiences to teach us spiritual principles. A while ago I hired a new employee. I was very impressed with this individual during the interview, and I felt they had a lot of potential. Even though I was hiring them at a starting salary, I had been given approval by my boss that if I felt it was warranted I could offer this person more money. I decided to see how this individual performed during the probationary period. I wanted to see if they could deliver on all the things they promised. If so, I would increase their salary. I never mentioned anything to this person about what I was considering; I just wanted to objectively observe their work ethic.

Unfortunately, throughout the probationary period, this individual performed mediocre at best. They got the job done, but seemed to do just enough. I was very disappointed and my hands were tied. I could not in good conscious give this person a raise; I just didn’t think it was warranted.

After I couldn’t offer this individual the increased salary, I felt a conviction in my spirit because I believe God does the same thing with us. I believe He has blessings for us that He wants to give us, but we constantly tie His hands. How many times have you felt like God was leading you to do something, but you put it off and never get around to it? Or you allow fear and “reality” to set in so you don’t do anything. I had to examine my life for the areas I was doing the same things. Unbeknownst to me, God has blessings that He wants to give me, but I’m not performing at the level He requires before He can give it to me. I have to earn it. We never know how close we are to getting what it is we want, so we pull back, retreat, give up, etc.

I have always subscribed to the belief that despite how much we profess that we’re “waiting on God”, the majority of the time He is waiting on us. I have an image of God leaning against the wall with His arms folded waiting on us to make a move BEFORE He will step in and add to our situation.

So, I just want to encourage you to examine your life to see if there are areas that you may have God’s hands tied. God doesn’t have us out here all alone, unwilling to intervene in our situation, but He does require effort from us. Remember, “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2:26)

I’m committed to doing better in those areas I have allowed to fall by the way side because I want the blessings God has for me. What about you?

Peace, Love, & Fitness

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