How Bout them Apples!

applecloseup2 Since the fall season kicked in I’ve been encouraging everybody to buy what’s in season. Well, the other day I definitely got a glimpse of why that’s such good advice.

There are a couple of fruit and veggies that are mainstays in my house. First and foremost are bananas. I eat them like a crazy woman. It’s mainly because I make a lot of smoothies and they are the base for every smoothie I prepare.

The second is apples. Now, even though I like apples, I will only buy them if the price is right. The price will also determine which kind I buy. Ideally, if cost isn’t a factor, I will buy Fuji apples – they’re sweet. If I’m being cheap I will get Red Delicious or Macintosh. On occasion I will buy regular green apples…not Granny Smith. Those are my least favorite because they’re too tart for my taste.

Well, this past weekend I picked up my farmer’s market basket. I place a weekly order online, and then pick it up from the warehouse. It’s a really affordable option for those of us who don’t live near a farmer’s market but we want our fruit and veggies, and need to save money. What keeps the price down is they will choose the veggies for you – it’s typically what’s in season and in large supply. This week they picked up a bunch of apples. I half expected them to be average at best. It wasn’t until I took a bite from one that I realized…HELLO!!! It’s apple season! It was so sweet and delicious I immediately grabbed another one because I knew I wasn’t gonna stop at one!

I can tell you I haven’t really had a great tasting apple all year, and because this one was so delish I knew right away this is the time to buy them. Not only are they much less expensive, they are ripe.

So, while you’re out shopping this week, and hopefully you’ll visit the produce section, make sure you pick up some apples!

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