Dr. Shrearest Crenshaw, MD

Dr. Shrearest Crenshaw

“I can say with certainty that Latrina believes in what she’s promoting. I have witnessed her evolution to a vegan diet, and she is committed to sharing her knowledge with others, including me. Health Coaches can be vital players in a healthcare team’s approach to Holistic health.

As a Physician my recommendations always include changes to diet and lifestyle. One of the best changes a person can make to improve their overall health is to incorporate more plant based foods into their diets.” ¬†


Jewel Peterson, Former Professional Athlete 

Jewel Peterson

“It is my privilege to recommend Latrina Patrick as your Health Coach. Being healthy is not something she does for show, but it’s something I know she lives by. If you ever talk to Coach Patrick you would know her passion and her knowledge of what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. Healthy living is all she talks about! Maybe you’re trying to go raw or become a vegan, or maybe you’ve decided to become a distance runner, Coach Patrick can help you achieve your goal. As a former professional athlete, I know what it takes to perform at an elite level and Coach Patrick knows how to get you to that level. She is the perfect coach – she will stay on you, keep you encouraged, tell you how to win, and stay with you until you reach the finish line. When you work with Coach Patrick you will see not only your health improve, but those other parts of your life where you needed a lift will also improve. Take the challenge with Coach Patrick.”

Following a Plant Based Diet

“As a former top 200 Professional Tennis Player, I know the importance of living a plant based life. A plant based diet gave me more energy to practice and perform. When your meal intake is mostly plant based you don’t get that sluggish feeling you get when you eat meat. When I realized that I decided to make a change. I wanted and still want an edge, and I feel that living that lifestyle enables you to have the energy to do more than you could normally do. I am retired from the sport and have moved in to the arena of running. Last year, I ran my first half marathon – having never run any race past 6 miles. I ran the whole race and had a strong finish. I know my diet was a major contributor to me performing at such a high level. I also find that I don’t get colds or illnesses, like the flu. I know it’s because the plant based diet is keeping my immune system strong and helping me live healthy and strong. If you are wondering if there is a benefit to eating a plant based diet, I can truly say it will change your life for the better, and you will never be the same!”


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