Counting the Cost

It seems the central theme for my life this week has been “Counting the Cost”. This topic has presented itself to me twice this week: once in Rick Warren’s daily devotional and again as a part of the sermon topic during Sunday service.

Basically, it’s a reminder that anything we really want will cost us something. The bottom line is success isn’t easy and in order to obtain it we have to be willing to give something up. For each of us that “something” will be different.  As Dr. David Cooper indicated in his sermon, many people don’t realize the time it costs to be successful. He reminded us that we need a season of preparation before success, and also that opportunity seeks out preparation.

Rick Warren put it this way, “great goals require great sacrifice. If you are serious about getting a focused life, you need to ask three questions: 1) what will it cost?  2) What am I willing to give?  3) Is it worth it?” He also said “don’t begin working toward your goals until you’ve counted the cost.”

Those are two profound perspectives that really resonated with me. They were brought to my attention at the very right time. I know it was divinely orchestrated and that has compelled me to pause and take notice. After coming out of a season of confusion and stagnancy I can honestly say I now have the clarity and motivation I’ve been lacking.

I’ve answered the three questions, and I have to tell you I definitely believe my goals are worth the cost I will have to pay. As Rick Warren so eloquently stated, “the greatest use of your life is to invest it in something that will outlast it.”

As I shared in last week’s blog, I am not going to create any new goals for 2012, only to complete the tasks God gave me in 2011. As I was writing that blog I knew God was ministering to my spirit and giving me answers to questions I’ve been asking for months. After this Sunday’s sermon, I felt like such a weight was lifted from me. I took that newfound energy and started confronting the fears that have stifled me for months. I have a renewed spirit and I can honestly say I’m excited about my future.

As I close I just want to encourage you to go a step beyond the goals you’ve set for yourself for 2012 and calculate the cost. If it’s worth it, then I implore you to GET MOVING! God gives us vision and he promises to never leave or forsake us in the process, but ultimately, the responsibility is all ours when it comes to bringing our dreams to pass!

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