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Get Fit FAST is a 21-Day Jumpstart Challenge. It was designed with busy women in mind. If you have a sincere desire to improve your health, but don’t know how to fit it in to your busy schedule – THIS program is for YOU!

The program includes a 4-Step Eating Plan and 4-Step Fitness Plan. The FAST approach teaches simple strategies to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life. It’s not a fad. It’s a lifestyle plan.

Forget everything you’ve learned until now. Open your mind to a new approach. If you follow the plan you WILL get results!

You will get a huge BANG for your buck! The plan includes the following:

– 20 minute Health Consultation

– 4 Step Eating Plan

– Nutrition Guide & Recipes

– Meal Plans

– 4- Step Fitness Plan

– Two Group Coaching Calls

– Group Support and Accountability

This program kicks off on November 1st! Here are a few testimonials from clients who recently completed the Get FIt FAST 21-Day Jumpstart Challenge:

Valarie - front

val after





I will be honest and tell you I didn’t expect these results. The nutrition piece has made such a difference. I have been able to push physically harder in my workouts because my energy level is stable, not the yoyo highs and lows. I am a convert. I always preached increased activity, and I thought what you eat was secondary. Boy was I wrong. –Valarie Grimes, Savannah, GA.


Prior to this program, I was frustrated by the reversal of my previous weight loss success and couldn’t break my 14 year habit of skipping meals. Though I knew that it was unhealthy and contributed to my weight gain, I always put other things ahead of my eating and often waited until I experienced dizziness before rushing to nourish my body.

In the beginning, I was excited to take part in a program that could possibly help me get back on track; yet I was also nervous about the unknown and what would be required of me. Would it require a very restricted meal plan? Will I have to find two hours out of my day to do exercises? How will the program fit with the three waking hours that I have to spend with my family each work day? Will I be in this alone? My fears were quickly calmed during the kick-off call. I appreciated having an opportunity to work with someone who is extremely knowledgeable about her craft. Thanks to Ms. Patrick’s coaching, I experienced several breakthroughs that I know will help me as I continue my journey to a healthier me. — Tamika Sanders-Jonas, Savannah, GA 

This program was really good for me.  I have an issue with sugar cravings and I must say it has gotten a lot better for me. One aspect of the program that I  liked was the accountability to someone other than myself.  It was great to check in with Latrina and the group. Second, I lost over 7 pounds and several inches off my body.  I would totally recommend this program to anyone. — Marvinia Henry, Marietta, GA

Sharon Tarver

What I liked most about working with Latrina is that she challenged us to be specific with the issues we were having so that we could come to a sound solution.  Particularly for me she challenged me to tell her why I struggled with being consistent.  She really has a passion for what she does and she cares! The three most significant improvements I’m enjoying as a result of working with Latrina are changing my mind set with my eating habits, learning what types of foods are best, and staying consistent with my work outs. – Sharon Tarver, Americus,GA

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