21 Day Challenge

Just this week I began a 21 day challenge to help myself get back on track. For weeks now I’ve felt like I’m in a transitional period, which makes me feel a bit anxious most of the time. So much so, it’s difficult to stay focused, especially regarding the things that really matter to me like my physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

I just completed Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation challenge, which was extremely helpful to me, so I decided to extend it. I set my intention for my challenge to help me focus, get disciplined and to be more loving and accepting with myself. Aside from a few predictable goals for this challenge like more prayer, meditation, exercise, and eating clean –I added two more things: get more rest and NO TV (for at least the first seven days)! Television is the greatest source of distraction for me. I can’t tell you how many times the best of my intentions have been derailed because I needed to watch some senseless television show. The first day without TV was ok, the second day was a bit tough, but each day since has gotten a little bit easier. It’s amazing how much more productive I am when I am not watching TV. It’s not that TV is a bad thing, but I tend to watch it to escape reality after a long day or an emotionally draining day. What this time without television has done for me is to allow me to be more open to hearing God speak to me, and to definitely get more clarity on things I need to do and have wanted to do. I’m truly amazed what a difference this has made in just a few short days.

Aside from the lack of TV, the other area that has made the greatest impact on me has been getting more rest. My goal was to be in the bed no later than 10PM so it’s easier to get up at 5AM to start my morning ritual of prayer and meditation. It’s so much easier to get up at five when I go to sleep earlier. The first night I went to bed at 10, but every night since, I have been in bed by 9:30. I feel AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE going to bed early, and since I get up so early to start my day, I have no problem falling asleep within minutes of going to bed. Sometimes I will laugh at myself when I look at the clock and it’s 9:20 and I’m in the bed –I feel like an old lady. But I quickly get over it because it’s truly the BEST thing any of us can do for ourselves.

So, I’m only in week one of my 21 day challenge. This week has gone pretty well for me, and I will keep you posted on the remaining weeks to come. I’m excited to see what the end will be. Until next time…

Peace, Love & Fitness!

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